Poomsae Judge App

Poomsae Judge is a web-based scoring program to judge WTF taekwondo poomsae created by Arrash Jaffarzadeh. This version of the program uses an easy-to-use graphic interface you can use to deduct accuracy points and add presentation points. There are two tiers to this program:

  1. Poomsae Judge: Standalone (Free)
  2. Poomsae Judge: Suite (Paid)

The Standalone version is free for use as a learning tool for students and teachers. You may use the system to score an individual’s poomsae and a tool for feedback to the athlete. This version of the program is intended for a single instructor to use in learning environments.

The Suite version of the program is the complete system that connects 3-5 judges to a head table. Judges submit their scores for each athlete, which then is stored in a database. The system will perform the calculations and projects the results for the audience, athletes, and coaches. The scores are combined once the judge has completed the scoring.

The goal of Poomsae Judge is to make the scoring process as seamless as possible; making judging poomsae at your event easy and hassle-free.

Poomsae Judge is currently in development. If you are an instructor or coach and are interested in beta testing the program, please contact Mr. Jaffarzadeh at info@arrashthearcher.org.